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At A Click Above, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing quality training for our students based on the leading scientific method of dog training -- Operant Conditioning. Our methods use positive reinforcement to facilitate and optimize the communication and relationship between canine companion and student. We bring a high level of professionalism and caring to all of our classes from puppy kindergarten to competitive agility.

Upcoming Events

  1. July 06 - August 18 2015
    July/August Class Session
  2. July 19 2015
    UKI Trial - Flying Dogs
  3. July 20-21 2015
    Mary Ellen Barry Seminars
  4. July 25-26 2015
    Bobbie Lyons Seminars
  5. August 02 2015
    Registration for Sept/Oct Opens
ACA Student Spotlight

Congratulations to Ruth and Payton for winning the Free Class!

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