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A Click Above's
Instructors and Assistants

Our staff of instructors and assistants are completely dedicated to providing quality instruction for our students and their pets. All instructors are currently competing in the discipline they teach and attend many seminars each year to keep their skills current and competitive.

(Please click on an instructor's name for their training biography.)


Elsie Maylott (Partner)
Claudia Bates (Partner)
Nancy Hudson Walkins (Partner)
Paulena Renee Simpson
Carrie Jones
Kirsten Anderson
Karen Allen

Assistant Instructors:

Yuko Hurt
Beth Mathews-Bradshaw
Kris Eckard
Diann Gastley
Kristen Clarkson

Mary Iannelli
Julie Bacon

Elsie Maylott (Partner and Instructor):

Elsie has been involved in dog training for over 30 years. She is a member of the APDT (Association for Pet Dog Trainers) and attends many educational workshops, seminars, and camps every year. In 1994, she discovered agility with her Shelties and the rest is history! She has successfully competed with her dogs in flyball, herding, UKC and AKC obedience and agility as well as USDAA and NADAC agility. She is currently competing at the highest levels  in AKC and USDAA agility with her Border Collies.  Elsie owns Border Collies Tera, Prowler, Wren, Robber and Pipit and lives at the A Click Above Training Center in Leesburg.

Claudia Bates (Partner and Instructor):

Claudia is a former technical writer that has been training dogs and people with dogs since 1996. Her dogs have earned titles in tracking, obedience, herding, and agility. She successfully competes at the Excellent and/or Masters level of AKC and USDAA agility registries. She also competes in AHBA, ASCA, AKC, and USBHCA herding with her Border Collies. Their accomplishments include:  USDAA ADCh title and AKC MACH for Giddy Up!; AKC HXAS title for Max; AHBA HTCh and AKC HXAS for Jade; Bartleby: Top Winner (national ranking #1) for Novice A Standard Agility in 1997 and Top Winner (national ranking #1) for Novice B Jumpers with Weaves in 1999 by the Bernese Mt. Dog Club of America based on perfect qualifying scores of 100 and placements; Giddy Up! USDAA ADCH and AKC MACH: 4th place cumulatively after 3 runs at the 2006 AKC National Championship competing in the Finals and finishing in the top 14 out of 300- 20” dogs; 3rd place in Hybrid at the 2010 AKC Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma and 3rd in the Challengers round; semifinalist in 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010, and finalist in 2009 USDAA Grand Prix at the USDAA World Cynosport Games in Scottsdale, Arizona; sixth placement in the Dog Agility Masters Team Tournament in 2009 with “Cyclone” and “Ruthless” (run by fellow ACA instructor, Kristen Clarkson); Semi-finalist in both Performance Speed Jumping and Performance Grand Prix at the 2011 Cynosport World Games.  Kestrel: USDAA ADCH title; AKC MACH 2; semifinalist in the 2007 and 2008 USDAA Grand Prix, semifinalist  in the 2009 Performance Grand Prix, and finalist, finishing in 4th place in Performance Speed Jumping at the USDAA World Cynosport Games in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2009.  Kestrel won Performance Speed Jumping at the 2010 World Cynosport Games in Louisville, Ky. She then placed second in Performance Grand Prix at the 2011 World Cynosport Games in Louisville, Ky.  Hijinks (USDAA ADCH and AKC MX, MXJ, among other titles), was a finalist in her first national competition, the 2010 World Cynosport Games in Louisville, Ky.  Hi went into finals in 10th place out of an impressive field of over 200 dogs.  Claudia is currently competing with Kestrel, Hijinks, Quasar, and occasionally Giddy Up!

Claudia, her husband Jim, and their Border Collies live on a small farm in Berryville, VA. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, playing with her dogs (training, training, training!), as well as attending camps, lectures, and classes to further her education in dog training, operant conditioning, and teaching.

Nancy Hudson Walkins (Partner and Instructor):

Nancy has been training dogs since 1984. She has a Masters degree in Education and teaches high school mathematics for Loudoun County Public Schools. She has competed with her own Australian Shepherds and Border Collies in numerous performance events, and put eight AKC agility titles on a Border Terrier. Her dogs have earned titles in many registries: AKC agility (MX, MXJ), obedience (OTCH, UDX, and multiple HIT & HC awards), rally obedience (RAE), and carting (NDD); USDAA and NADAC agility, including the championship titles, ADCH and NATCH, respectively; UKC obedience (U-UD, and HITs), ASCA obedience (UD, and HITs), herding (STDs, STDd), and agility (multiple titles through Elite); NAFA flyball (30,000 point Grand Champion title); and WCFO freestyle (W-FD). The majority of her dogs have also earned both the CGC and TDI titles. Special achievements for Nancy's dogs include: third national ranking for ASCA Utility in 1993 and fifth national ranking for ASCA Utility in 1995 (Annie); third national ranking for ASCA Novice in 2003 (Riley); USDAA Top Ten Snooker Master for 1996 (Skye); eighth place in 20” at the 1998 NADAC Nationals (Riley), and top thirty in 20” at the AKC Nationals in 2000 (Riley). In 2012, shelter rescue “Lucy” became the first female Border Collie to earn a Draft Dog title, and only the second Border Collie to earn any Draft title.

Nancy currently owns four Border Collies and competes in agility, obedience, rally obedience, freestyle, flyball, and carting. Nancy's hobbies include gardening, sports, reading, horseback riding, and raising Katahdin sheep, pygmy goats, and chickens on her 16 acre farm in Waterford, VA.

Paulena Renee Simpson (Instructor):

Paulena Renee Hope teaches both advanced agility classes and private lessons at A Click Above. She has an extensive background in horse training and dog training. Her methods are positive and stress building drive, speed, and accuracy into every dog. She tailors her methods to fit each dog and handler, making her an excellent instructor.

Specific highlights of Paulena's career include being a  former AKC/USA World Team Member (Finland 2000) where she was 8th with border collie, TIMEFLIES, in JWW and (4th place finish in team).  

Paulena is also a 3 time AKC National Champion (with 3 different dogs, FLURRY 1999, TIMEFLIES 2000, SMART AS 2007) and most recently a 3-time USDAA National Champion (with 3 different dogs FLURRY 1998, TIMEFLIES 2000 and GRAPHITE 2012) as well! 

This past October 2012, she WON the National Performance Speed Jumping Championship with her young border collie "GRAPHITE" breaking the youngest dog ever to win a Nationals which was set by her homebred border collie "SMART AS" in 2007. Paulena and her 3 dogs (SMART AS, F5 TORNADO and GRAPHITE)  made the podium and placed 5 different times this past USDAA Nationals 2012 - a personal best for her.  

Besides competing with her young border collie "GRAPHITE," Paulena is starting to compete her two youngest border collies' "BRAVE" and "PHENOMENON". She also shares her life with MULTIPLE NATIONALS (AKC/USDAA) placer F5 TORNADO, her retired National Champion "SMART AS", and her husband Bruce and his pomeranian Na-pom! 

Carrie Jones (Instructor):


Carrie Jones has been training and competing in agility since 1998. Prior to dogs, Carrie grew up with horses and showed hunters. She teaches upper-level agility handling classes, as well as private lessons, seminars, and camps throughout the country. Carrie has attended numerous seminars/workshops on dog training and operant conditioning, as well as attended two amazing 4-day Chicken Camps. Her goal is to help others create a successful working relationship with their dog through positive training and consistent handling.
Carrie has successfully competed with multiple dogs -- Tango (JRT), Twist (JRT), Jive (BC), and Ruger (BC).  She has put multiple MACH and ADCH titles on her dogs.  At USDAA Nationals, she has been a finalist in Steeplechase and/or Grand Prix (2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013), as well as winning the Team Championship in 2007. At AKC Nationals, she and her dogs have made multiple appearances in the finals and/or challengers round (2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011), and was crowned the 2008 AKC 24” National Champion with Jive.  She is a three-time AKC/USA World Team member.  She and Jive won a silver medal at the FCI Agility World Championships in Norway on the US Large Dog Team, as well as finishing 6th overall in the Individual Large division.  She has represented the AKC at Crufts where she and Jive won the final agility round. Her newest addition is a 2 year old rescue JRT, Bailey, who is learning basic manners and foundation skills for a possible future in agility.

Carrie and her husband, Mark, live in Centreville, VA and share their lives with three dogs. In addition to a full-time job, she loves to spend time with her family and dogs, as well as reading, knitting, jewelry-making, and lots of different crafts.

Kirsten Anderson (Instructor):
Photo by Stewart Event Images

Kirsten lives in Leesburg with her daughter Charlotte, 5 border collies and 2 cats and works full-time as a Vet Assistant/Tech at a small animal practice.  She is currently going back to school to become a licensed Vet Tech.  Kirsten and her dog Dare can be seen competing in USDAA Masters and AKC Excellent and her young dog Reckless is competing in USDAA advanced/starters classes and AKC Novice.  She finished an impressive third at the 2001 AKC Invitational (agility try outs for the US World Team) with her dog, Flurry, and also attended the 2001 AKC National Championships. Together, Kirsten and Flurry earned her MACH2 title, as well as placed 4th overall in USDAA's Dog Agility Masters team tournament in 2003. Dare is an Agility Dog Champion in USDAA and was 4th overall in team at USDAA Dog Agility Masters team tournament in 2004 and has placed in several classes at USDAA Nationals over the last 7 years.  Kirsten was also an accomplished three-day event rider as a junior and competed her horse at the upper levels until 2001.

Karen Allen (Obedience Instructor):

Karen Allen is an internationally known animal artist who enjoys capturing the beauty and personality of her canine or equine subjects in a variety of mediums and surfaces. She has been successfully breeding, showing, and training German Shorthaired Pointers (GSPs) since 1977. Karen has put 40 obedience titles (from CD to OTCH), 21 Rally titles, 43 agility titles including a MACH on Flynn, working on Fly’s MACH , four championship titles (CH), and two obedience trial championships (OTCH) on her own GSPs. She and her dogs have won over 60 high in trial awards (HIT), and a National Specialty Best of Breed (beating almost 1,000 other GSP's) at the 1992 GSP National Specialty, while a littermate took HIT at the same specialty. Karen has the distinct honor of being the only person showing a GSP who placed at the Gaines Classic (a very prestigious obedience competition). Her dog, OTCH Linn, was a four time winner of the Obedience Dog of the Year - an award given by the GSP Club of America. Her dog Fly has just been given the recognition award of VCA ( Versatility Certificate Advanced) by the GSP club of America, which is  a high level of achievement in many areas of training.  Karen has been teaching all levels of obedience since 1992 and has a loyal following of students. Karen is currently trialing her GSP's in agility, obedience, tracking, hunt tests and conformation.  She loves seeing many students achieve there goals. She has two children and three grandchildren who she loves to visit them in Arizona, enjoys doing her art, reading and photography in her spare time.

Yuko Hurt (Assistant Instructor):

Yuko came to this country from Japan in 1970. She grew up with German Shepherds and Akita’s. She’s been teaching dog obedience for more than 20 years, including in-home private lessons. She has dealt with many dogs with dog/people aggression issues as well as basic obedience, CGC and helping with the fine-tuning of assistance dogs for the physically challenged, including children.

She’s been owned by Golden Retrievers, German Shorthaired Pointers, Vizsla and numerous Boston Terriers in the last 25 years. They all compete(d) in various venues, including obedience, rally, agility, hunting, conformation and tracking. She has competed at the highest level of agility in USDAA, AKC and NADAC, including a one-eyed Boston Terrier in AKC ExB. She put 3 CDX's on 2 Goldens and a Shorthair, and an almost a MAD on a Shorthair Klair.

Yuko is active in Boston Terrier Rescue, and she also worked with GSP and Vizsla Rescue in the past. She prides herself in working with “troubled” dogs and giving them the second chance, to become both great family pets and performance dogs. She truly believes in “the journey” even though she loves ribbons as well!

She and her husband Tom have two grown children and live currently with two Boston Terriers Elliott and Murphie, both 7-8 years old, and her first herding- breed puppy, an Australian Shepherd “Venture” with a tail!

Beth Mathews-Bradshaw (Assistant Instructor):

Beth Mathews-Bradshaw has been training dogs for agility competition for 17 years and teaching agility for over 10 years.  She enjoys running and training both large and small dogs and working with students to achieve their goals for their dogs. Her goals always include the belief that agility should be fun, and both the handler and dog should enjoy their time together.  Over those years she has had a cattle dog, border collies, Dobermans and Standard and Toy Manchester terriers who have achieved multiple MACHs and ADCHs. Her Manchester terriers are consistently invited to the yearly agility invitational for the top 5 dogs in AKC agility per breed.  Her Manchester terrier Dixie is the only Manchester to be the #1 dog for agility in the AKC agility rankings for both regular and preferred classes.  Her Manchester Diesel was 4th out of 140 competitors at the 2012 agility invitational running 5 clean rounds.  Her BC Bounce By was 4th in the USDAA Performance Speed Jumping Finals in 2010.

Beth lives in Haymarket, VA with her husband James, a BC, a Doberman, and her Manchester terriers and 2 cats. She came into agility from the competitive horse world, previously competing in show jumping and 3-Day Eventing at the upper levels.

Kris Eckard (Assistant Instructor):

Kris began training and showing dogs in 1979. She was also active in raising and showing cattle, horses, swine, sheep, and rabbits.  She is a member of the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America, the English Foxhound Club of America and the Professional Handlers Association.  Kris is very active in AKC events such as Breed Conformation Shows, Obedience, Rally-Obedience, and Agility.  She handles show dogs professionally in the AKC conformation ring.  Kris has owned, trained and shown many different breeds of dogs.  She trained and handled her German Shorthaired Pointer, Polo to 26 AKC titles, and English Foxhound, Flirt, who was the first English Foxhound to earn titles in AKC Agility and Advanced and Excellent level Rally-Obedience titles. Kris’s English Foxhounds have been ranked in the Breed’s top 10, has multiple group placements and has won Obedience High in Trials at the EFCA National Specialties. “Wills” is now the English Foxhound in Kris’s spotlight.  Wills is currently an AKC Grand Champion and in the top 5 for the breed.  Wills is training and competing in Agility and Obedience, she is the first dog Kris has expanded her versatilities with by joining in USDAA agility, ASCA agility, UKC conformation and Draft Cart work.  Kris believes in happy versatile dogs, high drive training and titling dogs on both ends of their registered name!


Diann Gastley (Assistant Instructor):

Diann grew up with dogs and became involved with her own dogs when she got her first Jack Russell Terrier, Cayenne.  Before her retirement, Cayenne participated in earthdog and visited local nursing homes as a therapy dog.  Diann rescued her second JRT, Winston, in 1998 and together they have earned numerous agility and obedience titles, including the AKC MACH title.  Winston was named the Parson Russell Terrier Association of America's 2006 Agility Dog of the Year.  Winston is now a retired teenager and enjoys his new job as Squirrel Patrol.  Diann is an AKC Earthdog Judge and has served as Trial Chairman for the PRTAA's National Obedience and Agility events.  She is active with Mid-Atlantic Jack Rescue. Diann currently competes at the highest levels in AKC and USDAA agility with Border Collies, Reddi and Raven.


Kristen Clarkson (Assistant Instructor):

Kristen is 27 years old and has been training dogs since she was 13 years old. She started agility with her first dog, Puppy a Shetland Sheepdog who is no longer with us but will always be remembered. Puppy had many great accomplishments including placing fifth in the Grand Prix Finals at Nationals and ranking 3rd overall in Tournament Top Ten in 2004.

Kristen now has 2 Australian Kelpies which she imported from Australia. Ruthless is the oldest and has been competing in USDAA since 2006. Ruthless earned her ADCH in early 2009 at the age of 4. They attended their first Nationals in 2009, and her team placed 6th overall. Caellum is the wild younger brother who absolutely loves agility. He is fun and challenging and has enthusiasm to spare.

Kristen currently attends Johns Hopkins University and works in vaccine research in Silver Spring MD.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family as well as traveling and of course, working and playing with her dogs!

Mary Iannelli (Assistant Instructor):
Mary comes from a strong horse back ground. Starting with jumpers at the age of 8. Then a career of 18 years with race horses. Mary holds both a professional License, as a Jockey and Trainer in two counties. Mary always had a dog at her side as a girl growing up on Cape Code and through her race horse days. Mary and her dogs have always had a special connection this led the way to her getting involved with Search and Rescue (SAR). Mary and her dogs, Zen and Teco, hold many awards and citations from local, state and federal agencies for their work in the rescue an recovery of people over the 8 years they where in SAR. Mary started doing agility to assist with her skills for SAR. With the enhanced team building Mary and her dogs found with agility lead them into the sport of Agility. Mary and her dogs, Teco, Yuki and Wasabi compete in excellent/masters divisions of AKC and USDAA.  Teco was top ten in USDAA Jumpers and Yuki was top ten USDAA Gamblers in 2008. Yuki was national ranked 7th in Jumpers by ASCA in Excellent A in 2008.

Julie Bacon (Assistant Instructor):

Julie began her life with animals as a hunter/jumper rider at just five years old. During her "junior" years, she competed extensively, consistently qualifying for national finals and finishing in the top three multiple times. Perhaps it's no surprise then that Julie fell for the extra-large breed dogs and sees agility as just a smaller scale of hunter/jumper courses.

While Julie has had dogs all her life, it was her first Bernese Mountain Dog, Karma, that got her hooked on competitive performance dog sports. With her Berners, Julie competes in obedience, Rally, agility, herding and draft (carting) and has earned advanced titles across those venues. She is active in the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America as well as several regional clubs. Julie is an apprentice draft judge working through the requirements to become an approved BMDCA judge and also teaches draft to many breeds.

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